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EDEL VENT, s.r.o.

EDEL VENT, s.r.o. (hereinafter referred to as EDEL VENT) has been established in 2004 as a reaction on a space on the European market with fans. From its establishment, the company has supplied more than 100 high-performance industrial radial fans of the latest design per year on the European markets in cooperation with its German partner. Today, the company is completely independent and provides its customers with above-standard services in the field of supply, installation, diagnostics and service of fans being supported by the most modern own fan designing software.

Flexibility, prompt terms of delivery, reliability and above-standard quality belong to our primary and everyday effort!

The second field of EDEL VENT activities is complex supply of suction an dedusting systems and technologies in the wide spectrum of industry. More than 15-years developed and background-modified own know-how in the area of air filtration comes from the group of companies EDEL VENT belongs to. Detail information and references can be found in section Products and Services.